My Illustrator Projects

This is one of our first projects using Adobe Illustrator.
On this project we used the pen/curvature tool,
and traced the outside of famous landmarks, and then
filled them in with black, after, to create a "silhouette" of the landmarks.

In this project, we traced a cartoon character,
using the pen/curvature tool, and filled in
that character with their colours, trying to
make it as accurate as possible.
(top left) Then, we changed the colours of that character (top right),
changed the colours into gradients, using the
gradient tool (bottom left), and changed the gradients into patterns.

This project was very similar to the Peppa Pig
Project. We picked a famous person, and traced them, and added
details, however , we did not trace their face, hence
the name "faceless portrait" . I chose Leonardo Di Caprio for this project.

In this project, we did another faceless portrait.
However this time, we took a picture of ourselves,
and did a "faceless self portrait", of ourselves.

In this project we used the "Area Type Tool"
on a line (made by the curvature/pen tool), to be able to fill in the
inside of the line with a Wikipedia article on the inside of the object that the
Wikipedia article relates to. I traced a piece of sushi,
and a cutting board. I filled the inside of the cutting
board with a Wikipedia article on cutting boards. I filled in the sushi with
Wikipedia articles on Seaweed, rice, crab meat, etc.

In this project, we used the pen/curvature tool to
create a design that will go onto a pink shirt,
for Pink Shirt Day.

In this project, we picked an Adobe Illustrator tutorial online,
to try ourselves. I picked this tutorial: ▷Click here for the link◁ .
This tutorial helped me a create a landscape on Adobe Illustrator using lots of
different tools that are listed on the tutorial.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my Adobe Illustrator projects.

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